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When creating the Mayar Approach Hypnosis workshop, Ravi’s main objective was to achieve a ‘Real World’ tangible approach to introducing hypnosis in any mix and mingle situation, with the ability to put spectators under hypnosis.


The Mayar approach had to flow with as much energy and fluidity as performing the next magic trick, being able to seamlessly switch out one style of performance into hypnosis, leaving spectators with no time gain control of the situation.


With years of development, Ravi developed a method of, induction, implication, set up language and service recovery, a method that he has tried and tested and is now available to you.


“Ravi originally trained in hypnosis with the head hacking team and has remained close with the team, sharing ideas ever since. Since those early days, Ravi has developed on his own and after years tried and tested performances has finally decided to release his unique approach to mix and mingle hypnosis to the public” – Anthony Jacquin, Founder of Head Hacking, Author of ‘Reality is Plastic’


M.A.H (Mayar Approach Hypnosis)

mayar approach hypnosis
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