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When your profession tests the borders of ethical integrity, you either have to be REALLY GOOD or REALLY PROFESSIONAL; luckily Ravi Mayar ticks both of these boxes.  Both of the fantastic examples below of where Ravi has been hired in two totally different situations, just show reasoning behind why not only can his integral ethics be trusted but also why he is one of the best in the business.


Ravi was specifically hired by the metropolitan police, this time not as a performer but as an educator. He used his set of unique skills to show people just how easy it is to be pickpocketed in the middle of the day. Ravi was hired to spend the day roaming around Fulham Broadway, using the distraction techniques he knows so well, to remove items belonging to the person, either from their bags or from their pockets. Joined by the metropolitan police, Ravi will then educate the people on the mistakes they made, and how they can prevent this from happening in the future.


Ravi is no stranger to performing, he has featured in many magician DVD’s in television adverts and on television chat shows also. This time Ravi was involved in a full feature length movie, A remake of the hit 60’s TV series “The Saint.” Not only did Ravi have an acting role in the movie, but he also consulted for the main actor behind the screens. On screen Ravi plays the part of a street pickpocket that is foiled when he is counter pickpocketed by The Saint. Behind the scenes as the technical consultant, Ravi trained the main actor in the trickery he would need to use to pull off the counter pickpocket scene. All in all it was a very interesting and new experience for Ravi that he took to like a fish to water.





the saint
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