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Mayar Magic’s background and experience, working in different situations around the world, has given him great opportunities to perform as a table and close up magicians, for many different weddings around the world. From beach weddings on a remote tropical island, to traditional weddings in his home city of London, Mayar Magic tailors his performing style for all occasions to make the special day of the wedding memorable for all.


Why Have A Wedding Magician?


Mayar Magic’s blend of table magic and charming manner works wonders at weddings as an ice breaker, working his magic at tables bringing guests closer together. He will walk around mix and mingle with your guests, whilst waiting for photos to be taken. He will keep your guests entertained at their tables giving a fun alternative mood other than patiently waiting for their food. As the guests loosen up for the evening’s celebration, Mayar Magic adjusts his table magic style to performing bigger effect tricks, captivating larger audiences.


When you hire your wedding magician you are not just hiring a service, you are creating the foundations for many pleasurable memories on your special day, not only for yourselves, but for your guests especially. Time and time again Mayar Magic receives feedback from the bride and groom with nothing but praise for how he contributed to their special day. Mayar Magic is proud to add to the amazing memories that your wedding day will undoubtedly create.

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