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Mayar Magic’s asian heritage and understanding is a quality that money just can’t buy. Ever since the early years of Mayar Magic’s performance’s he has been asked time and time again to perform Asian weddings. His understanding and respect for different culture and customs has been incredibly respected not only by his past clients but by his peers also.


Mayar Magic believes in order to be a respectable asian magician, one must first practice to be a great magician, then he can claim to be a proud asian magician, and practice is something Mayar Magic has not lacked in over the past years.


Mayar Magic’s magic style fits all different weddings from all cultural backgrounds, his performance breaks cultural, religious and language barriers, holding the wedding guests in awe of his talent and making long lasting memories for the lucky couple and all who attend.




Ravi Mayar is not only a respected member of the magic society; he is also a highly respected member of the asian entertainment community also. Ravi Mayar was initially represented by one of the largest asian entertainment establishments, which allowed him to mix and mingle in several elite circles. Since going it alone, Ravi has still maintained a healthy friendship within these circles and is still regularly asked to attend and be invited to several asian entertainment events.


Mayar Magic is no stranger to the asian event scene, he has attended, performed and even presented at some of the largest events in the asian entertainment calendar, not just in the UK but in Canada also!

sikh wedding ceremony
Jay Sean and Ravi
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