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To become a trained professional hypnotist, it takes years of perseverance, extensive intuition and the ability to think in an abstract way, of which Ravi Mayar has acquired over the many years of being a professional. It is because of the great knowledge and experience Ravi beholds, that makes his performance just that much better.


Ravi has worked with some of the greatest hypnotists in the industry, being a long term loyal member, Ravi’s thoughts and comments are not only asked for, but sought out for by many up-and-coming and established hypnotists to feature on their instructional DVDs.


And it is not only hypnotists that respect and enjoy Ravi’s professionalism; Ravi has performed hypnosis in front of and even on some of the biggest celebrities across the world. In the picture to the side of this you can see Ravi hypnotising British Actor Danny Dyer, who after of the whole experience described Ravi as “Bloody Brilliant.”

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