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Mayar Magic is a word class performer who has performed in over 20 countries, 12 cruise ships and numerous hotels, but his magic is not just limited to the entertainment world, Mayar Magic provides a the strong marketing tool of close up corporate magic which can be used at trade shows, product launches, company conventions and many more business events.


Mayar Magic is a highly reputable corporate magician, well respected not only in the magic community, but in many business sectors also. His combination of business experience and magical skill brings a whole new aspect to the table of corporate magic. Ravi understands that each event, for each sector, for each company is different, and with this he prepares and adjusts to each situation differently.


Having a corporate magician at your business events is a fantastic way to entertain all different levels of employees and clientele. Mayar Magic is able to use his magic to mix, mingle, mystify and make new business connections for you, finding new  and innovative ways to draw potential clients to your business.


“What better way to attract attention than Ravi performing his magic specifically designed to promote your product and company” Alan Middleton, General Manager of Rimrock Resort Hotel Banff Canada Rocky Mountains


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